Dressing for a Night Out Tips

Mehdi add
18 Mar , 2023

If you're planning a night out, here are some tips and outfit ideas to help you dress to impress in your After 9 attire.

For Women:

  1. Start with a statement piece: Choose a bold and eye-catching item like a sequined dress or a jumpsuit with an interesting cut or design. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to allow this piece to stand out.

  2. Add some sparkle: After 9 offers a range of sequined tops, glittery shoes, and metallic clutches that can add some glamour to your outfit. Don't be afraid to incorporate some shimmer and shine to your night life look.

  3. Wear comfortable shoes: Whether you prefer block heels, platform sneakers, or ankle boots, After 9 has you covered with stylish and comfortable shoe options that can keep you dancing all night long.

  4. Play with textures: Mixing fabrics like leather, lace, and silk can create an interesting and visually appealing outfit. Try pairing a leather skirt with a silk blouse, or a lace top with velvet pants.

  5. Accessorize with a clutch: After 9 offers a range of purses and clutches that can fit your essentials while adding a stylish touch to your outfit. Opt for a bold or metallic clutch to add some interest to your night life look.

For Men:

  1. Choose a well-fitted shirt: After 9 offers a variety of men's shirts, from classic button-downs to short-sleeve styles. Choose a shirt that fits well and complements your body shape.

  2. Pair your shirt with well-fitted pants: After 9 offers a range of men's pants, including chinos, khakis, and dark-wash jeans. Choose a pair that is comfortable and breathable, and complements your shirt.

  3. Add a statement accessory: A bold tie, pocket square, or watch can add some personality and interest to your outfit. After 9 offers a range of accessories that can help elevate your night life look.

  4. Wear comfortable shoes: After 9 offers stylish and comfortable shoe options for men, including loafers, oxfords, and sneakers. Choose a pair that complements your outfit and allows you to move and dance comfortably.

  5. Grooming matters: Keep your hair and beard trimmed and neat, and make sure your nails are clean and well-manicured. After 9 offers a range of grooming products for men that can help you look and feel your best.

In conclusion, dressing for a night out in your After 9 attire can be both stylish and comfortable. By choosing a statement piece, incorporating some sparkle and texture, accessorizing with a clutch or statement accessory, and wearing comfortable shoes, you can create a night life look that's both functional and fashionable. Try out some of these tips and outfit ideas for your next night out, and be sure to check out After 9's collection of night life clothing for both men and women.

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